Child support is an issue that must be resolved in the event of an Arizona divorce involving the parents of minor children. Whether you are a married parent involved in a divorce or an unmarried parent who needs help navigating a child support case, a child support attorney at Dorris Law Group can assist you in understanding and resolving the matter.

Child support issues may also arise in the years following a support court order when circumstances substantially change for parents and/or their children. In these cases, a modification of the child support order may be sought through the courts. As a law firm that focuses on divorce and its related issues in the Greater Tucson area and Southern Arizona, Dorris Law Group offers experienced and capable guidance and representation in all types of child support hearings and disputes. Our attorneys are well-versed in the legal factors pertaining to these cases and Arizona child support laws. We have successfully helped many parents in Tucson and the surrounding area resolve their child support cases.

Tucson Child Support Payments

In Arizona, as in other states, both parents have a legal duty to take financial responsibility for their natural or adopted children. In the case of a noncustodial parent, he or she will be required to make regular monetary payments known as child support. These payments are generally determined by specific formulas created under state child custody guidelines. These guidelines take into account various factors pertaining to the situation.

Each case is unique and family court judges will review the particulars of your situation as it relates to state guidelines. Our attorneys can help you understand Arizona child support laws and guidelines and their application to you. The firm also represents those who need legal guidance in obtaining child support from a delinquent parent.

Child support payments are required to be paid by the parent until the child reaches the age of 18 (or the age of 19 if the child is still in school or in an equivalency program). In the case of children who are physically or mentally handicapped, support payments may be required beyond this and for an indefinite period.

Arizona Child Support Guidelines

The factors that the courts will review in determining child support payments include:

  • The combined gross incomes of the parents
  • The ages of the children
  • The number of children involved
  • Costs of day care
  • Health insurance
  • Any special needs and which parent pays for these.

One factor that heavily impacts this issue is how parenting time is divided; a noncustodial parent who spends little time with his or her child will generally be required to spend more on child support than a parent who provides more parenting time.

Get Help From Our Child Support Lawyers In Tucson

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