If you are navigating the waters of child support, then you need to make sure that you obtain the legal services of an attorney who is experienced with matters of child support. The lawyers at the Dorris Law Group can provide the understanding and assistance that you need during this time.

Even after a child support court order has been issued, there may still be items that you will need to address due to a change in circumstances either for yourself, your former spouse, or your children. Any modification to the child support agreement will have to be handled in the courts. As a law firm that focuses on divorce in Southern Arizona and the Greater Tucson area, the Dorris Law Group can offer you the experienced and capable representation that you need in all types of child support hearings and disputes.

Every family is unique, which means that the court will need to address the issues that are specific to your circumstances in order to make the best decision in the matter of child support. Our firm can assist you with child support matters in Tucson, including guidance in obtaining child support from a delinquent parent. No matter what specific issues you need assistance with, contact the Dorris Law Group in Tucson to obtain the expert legal representation that you need.