Divorce is never an easy process for any couple, and alimony can make it even more challenging. More commonly referred to as spousal support, the financial agreement for life after the divorce can be challenging to meet. Let our expert Tucson alimony lawyers at Dorris Law Group provide the help and guidance you need during this time.

Alimony Conditions

The judge will be the one who determines if at least one of the following items applies to the party seeking support, which would allow the awarding of support:

  • Lacks sufficient property to provide for reasonable needs
  • Unable to be self-sufficient through appropriate employment
  • Contributed to the educational opportunities of the other spouse
  • Is an age that might hinder gainful employment for self-sufficiency

These are just a few, brief examples of some of the considerations that the judge must study to determine if alimony will be awarded under Arizona law. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed trying to understand everything about alimony, call the expert alimony lawyers at Dorris Law Group in Tucson. We are here and ready to help.