Sadly, domestic violence happens far more often than many people think. Domestic violence can happen to anyone regardless of their race, age, gender, or any other classification. It happens when one person tries to exert their power and control over another person, and it can be very difficult for the victim to leave the relationship.

Domestic Violence Laws in Arizona

Under Arizona law, anyone who has committed an act of domestic violence can face criminal misdemeanor or felony charges, which carry penalties of heavy fines, jail time, prison sentences, or court-ordered batterer programs. While it may be scary to contemplate leaving the relationship you are in, it’s important to get out of a dangerous situation. The Dorris Law Group is here to provide the legal help you need in Tucson.

Domestic Violence Lawyers

The main area of practice at the Dorris Law Group is family law, which means that we have the experience and knowledge you need to receive excellent legal assistance. We can help protect you and other family members through court orders and injunctions. Contact our law firm today to speak with one of the professional and caring members of our family law team in Tucson.