The ending of a marriage generally leads to a lot of emotional turmoil for both parties. Additionally, there can be fears about all of the changes and unknowns. During this time of upheaval, it is important to make sure that you have an expert in family law on your side. The divorce attorneys at the Dorris Law Group in Tucson are here to provide the legal assistance that you need.

Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer

Depending on how much you and your spouse agree on, there can either be some very simple or very complicated matters that need to be worked out. It’s important that you protect your rights and personal interests through aggressive and accurate legal representation. Some of the areas that a lawyer can address are:

  • Assets and property
  • Child custody
  • Financial support — alimony and child support

Get Expert Advice and Reduce Your Stress

When you are working through emotional issues, it is easy to make mistakes as your stress levels rise. Get the expert advice you need by contacting the Dorris Law Group and speak with one of our experts in family law. Our divorce lawyers can manage each aspect of your divorce so that you can focus on other matters, which are likely to be less stressful.

Resolve Property Issues

There are a number of things that can be the source of bitter disagreement when a marriage is being dissolved. For example, joint banking accounts, real estate, and family heirlooms are just a few examples of property issues that we can help you resolve. Contact our divorce lawyers in Tucson for the professional legal help you deserve.