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In many divorces, child custody and parenting time are two of the most contentious issues. Your relationship with your child is precious, and the thought of missing out on valuable time together is a real threat to many parents.

At Dorris Law Group, our child custody lawyers help parents develop parenting arrangements that meet their needs and preserve that relationship. Whether it is a matter of negotiating custody with your spouse or aggressively litigating the matter before a judge, we are prepared to help you pursue the parenting plan you want and deserve.

Typically, Arizona courts favor a custody agreement that allows both parents to maintain a meaningful relationship with the child. However, in situations where sole custody is appropriate to protect the child’s best interests, our attorneys can help you present a compelling case to the judge that you should be awarded a greater share of parenting time, complete with the appropriate evidence.

Experienced Attorneys Protecting Grandparents’ Rights To Visitation

Parents aren’t the only ones with an interest in child custody and visitation. Often, grandparents want to preserve their rights to see their grandchildren after a divorce. Even if the child’s parents object, his or her grandparents may seek court-ordered visitation rights if they can prove that such time is in the child’s best interests.

However, it can be difficult to overcome the court’s assumption that parents always act in the child’s best interests. If you are a grandparent seeking visitation or custody, it is important to retain an experienced attorney to help build your case.

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