An annulment is a legal process which treats a marriage as if it never occurred. In an annulment proceeding, the court seeks to return the two parties to the position they were in before the marriage took place. The state of Arizona recognizes a number of situations in which an annulment may be granted. While an annulment sounds like a simple process, it can be much more complicated if there are additional aspects to be considered such as significant property rights or minor children.

Basic Guidelines for Annulment

In most annulment cases in Arizona, both parties are in agreement about requesting an annulment. If adequate legal conditions exist, then the courts are willing to grant joint petitions for annulment. The process can be relatively smooth unless one spouse objects to the annulment. If both parties are not in agreement, then there will have to be a hearing in court, which will necessitate credible legal evidence to support the request for annulment.

Grounds for Alimony

There are a number of different factors which would lead a court to grant an annulment. For example, if there was fraud or misrepresentation in the marriage, then the request for the marriage to be annulled would be valid and legal. When entering into a marriage, both parties must provide an accurate representation of their personal and financial history. Purposeful misrepresentation, in order to secure a marriage, is illegal.

One other situation which would be grounds for an annulment is incapacity due to intoxication. If one of the parties was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and could not understand what they were doing, the court would be able to grant an annulment.

While an annulment may sound like a relatively easy process, there are many legal aspects that an attorney should cover with you. From child custody to division of property and more, you want to make sure that you get the expert legal advice you need. If you are considering requesting an annulment of your marriage, then be sure to contact the Dorris Law Group in Tucson for a free consultation.