The Value Of Establishing Paternity

Arizona paternity laws establish the rights and obligations of a father. If a child is born to an unmarried woman in Arizona, there is no presumption as to who the biological father of the child is. Either a mother or a father can bring a legal action to establish the paternity of the child.

At Dorris Law Group, our Tucson attorneys can assist you with Arizona parental rights, paternity cases, and family law advice. We represent both mothers and fathers who wish to take advantage of legal protections afforded to them. We know the stakes are high when children are involved, and we treat every case with the importance that it deserves.

Understanding Paternity Laws In Arizona

When a man and woman are married and a child is born, the husband is presumed to be the father of the child and he has paternal rights. In adoption cases, for example, adoption cannot generally go forward without the consent of the father for a child that has been conceived within marriage. The paternal rights that arise automatically to a married father also give the father a custody claim in the event of separation or divorce.

If a man and woman are not married, however, paternity must be formally established under Arizona paternity laws. It is in the best interests of both mother and father to establish paternity. In any parental rights case, paternity must be known for a mother to receive child support. Additionally, paternity must be clear for a father to have rights and, in some cases, a role to play in his child’s life.

Establishing Paternity In Arizona

When a man and woman have a child but are not married, a legal process may be required in order for the paternity of the child to be determined. Paternity can be established with near-certain accuracy by taking DNA samples from the mother, father, and child.

Dorris Law Group provides compassionate and expert family law advice for mothers pursuing paternity as well as fathers pursuing their rights. A mother can compel a father to go to court and take a paternity test so that the court will order child support to be paid. Likewise, a father who wishes access to his child may also pursue a paternity action in order to be recognized as having a legal right to the child.

If a father declines to pursue a paternity action and/or does not add his name to the Arizona Putative Father Registry within 30 days of the child’s birth, the father may no longer be required to give consent before the adoption of his child takes place.

With the stakes so high, both the mother and father involved in a paternity dispute should seek legal help from an attorney who has knowledge of Arizona paternity laws. Dorris Law Group is the family law attorney for all your family law advice, questions, and concerns.

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