A child has a fundamental right to receive support from both his mother and father. Unfortunately, deadbeat dads in Arizona deprive their children of necessary support that the court has ordered.

At Dorris Law Group, our child support attorneys are experts in child support law and we fight to hold Arizona deadbeat dads accountable. We can help mothers who are trying to collect child support by exploring options for securing the funds that aren’t getting paid.

What is a Deadbeat Dad?

A deadbeat dad is someone who does not pay child support, even when it is court-ordered. In many cases, Arizona deadbeat dads not only refuse to pay to provide necessary support to their kids, but they also do not visit their children or maintain an ongoing relationship.

How Can Child Support be Enforced in Arizona?

While there is no way to force deadbeat dads in Arizona to spend enough time to develop healthy relationships with their kids, there are many ways to require deadbeat dads to pay the child support they’ve been ordered to pay. For example:

  • A deadbeat dad who refuses to pay court-ordered child support could be held in contempt of court and even jailed for failing to follow a court order.
  • Child support funds can be withdrawn directly from the paycheck of the parent paying support. This is called wage garnishment.
  • A deadbeat dad’s tax return could be taken and applied to his back child support obligations.
  • Fathers who refuse to pay can eventually be subject to potentially losing a driver’s license or professional licenses.

At Dorris Law Group, our Tucson attorneys are well-versed in the nuances of Arizona child support laws and we will help you consider all possible solutions for getting child support funds from a deadbeat dad.

What Are My Legal Options Against Arizona Deadbeat Dads?

A court will order child support only if the identity of the father is known or established. If you are trying to obtain money from your ex and are unable to do so because you have no court order in place, it is advisable to speak with a child support attorney right away. When we help you secure an order for support, we will also work to ensure the support is taken automatically from the father and paid to you so there is no opportunity for missed payments.

Beyond Arizona child support laws and enforcement, there are many protections under both state and federal laws that help to ensure deadbeat dads eventually have to pay. For example, back child support cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, so the deadbeat dad will have no legal way to absolve himself of the debt owed to you and your children.

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