Going through the process of separating from your spouse and ending your marriage can be overwhelming, to say the least. Even the most astute individuals may find that they are uncertain as to what documents are required to obtain a legal divorce. When you need help understanding the ins and outs of the divorce process in Arizona, John Dorris is here to help. As an experienced Tucson divorce attorney, he has what it takes to help streamline your divorce proceedings and guide you through filing the appropriate paperwork needed to complete your divorce. Contact The Dorris Law Group today to request your free consultation, and in the meantime, familiarize yourself with a few of the required divorce documents in Arizona.

Documents Filed in a Divorce

Petition and Summons

The first step to initiating divorce proceedings in Arizona is to file a petition for dissolution of marriage in court. The current fee to file for divorce in Tucson is $321, although this could change depending on the method of divorce you choose and the complexity of your case. The petition includes pertinent details related to matters such as property, joint assets, children, and spousal maintenance. Your spouse will be served with a divorce summons. This document informs your spouse that they are named in the case, and they must file a response within 20 days of being served.

Sensitive Data Sheet

This document provides the court with information to identify you, your spouse, and your children, such as social security numbers, dates of birth, bank account numbers, and other types of sensitive information. This record is generally sealed by the courts and is not accessible by the public.

Creditor Notice

When a couple divorces, it is necessary to identify what type of joint debts exists. A creditor notice is a required document which outlines the couple’s rights with regard to the joint debt incurred during the course of the marriage. It also aids each spouse in obtaining information from creditors to determine what outstanding debts exist for which they are responsible.

Joint Preliminary Injunction

There are new rules that you and your spouse must abide by once your divorce case has begun. These rules are outlined in the joint preliminary injunction, and they are mandated for all couples who are seeking a divorce. You may be prohibited from selling assets, making changes to insurance policies, and performing other tasks that could jeopardize community property. It is important to familiarize yourself with these rules to ensure you do not violate them.

Notice of Right to Convert Health Insurance

Many couples have joint health insurance policies. When a marriage comes to an end, it is often necessary to update these policies so that coverage is only afforded to the appropriate party. This divorce document notifies you and your spouse of your respective rights and responsibilities with regard to your existing health insurance coverage.

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