If you’ve been in a situation that required the assistance of a family law attorney, you probably recognize what a valuable asset the attorney can be in your time of need. If you haven’t found yourself in need of a lawyer for family matters, you may have wondered what kind of situations may benefit from the compassion and skill that a family law firm has to offer. For more than 10 years, Dorris Law Group has been meeting the family law needs of the Tucson area, and we’ll gladly help you if you’re in need of professional legal counsel. Contact a member of our team today! In the meantime, we will take a closer look at some of the reasons you may need a family law attorney.

What is Family Law?

First, let’s define exactly what family law entails. Family law is a specific area of practice addressing legal concerns and nuances involving familial relationships. This may include issues such as:

These particular issues are typically at the forefront of many family law cases. Because of their emotionally-charged nature, people often lean on the expertise of a family law attorney to guide them through what can be an arduous legal process. However, the arena of family law is not limited to these issues. There are many other issues in which the expertise of a lawyer can assist in family matters.


When a marriage is in trouble and one spouse desires to end the relationship, many people believe that divorce is the only option. However, not all marriages need to end in divorce. There are some cases in which a marriage is declared null and void, or as if it never happened, through the annulment process. For some, one benefit of annulment over divorce is that alimony is not a factor considered in an annulment. In the state of Arizona, there are several factors that are considered grounds for annulment. If you have questions as to whether or not your marriage is eligible for annulment, it is wise to contact a family law attorney to discuss the specifics of your situation.

Grandparents’ Rights

Child custody is often a matter that is frequently addressed in family law cases. Often times, grandparents may find it necessary to petition the court for visitation or custody rights. While grandparents are not typically thought of as the primary caretaker for minors, there are instances in which grandparents may be awarded visitation or permanent custody of a child if certain criteria are met. The courts will always take into account the child’s best interests and the law can vary greatly from state to state when it comes to grandparents’ rights in terms of visitation and custody. Knowing your rights as a grandparent are vital in grandparents’ rights cases, so be sure to consult with a knowledgeable family law attorney, such as Dorris Law Group, in these cases.

Modification of Pre-Existing Court Order

In addition to matters of annulment and grandparents’ rights, a well-versed family law attorney can also assist in modification of any pre-existing court orders. There are many reasons why an existing court order may need modification, from relocating for a job opportunity to military deployment. Many court orders in family law cases related to child custody and child support will have stipulations as to whether or not one of the parties subject to the order may relocate. While the conditions of an order may work well for all parties at the time of the decree, it may not always be possible to adhere to the order for one reason or another and necessary modifications may need to be made as time passes.

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