Divorce is rarely an easy process in the best of circumstances, which means there are a number of pitfalls that you want to avoid. Some of these might seem obvious, but in the middle of emotional upheaval, it’s good to have a reminder of what not to do. Read through today’s post to get a good overview of the things you want to avoid when you’re in the middle of a divorce, and contact the family law experts at the Dorris Law Group in Tucson. Whether you’re trying to decide if you should pursue a divorce or you’ve been served with divorce papers, we are here to provide the legal advice you need.

1. Neglect Your Finances

Whether you or your ex were responsible for the finances, it’s important to make sure that you track your personal finances and set aside money to cover your legal expenses. Be sure that you make copies of all of your financial documents and legal records before divorce proceedings begin. Your file should include the following documents: bank statements, investment statements, wills, trusts, tax returns, property deeds, insurance policies, vehicle titles, and more. Contact the family law experts at the Dorris Law Group in Tucson to receive the legal advice you need about your financial documents. Once you have collected copies of everything you need, make sure to store them in a secure location that your ex cannot access.

2. Announce Your Divorce to Everyone

While you may want to let close friends and family know what is going on in your life, you want to be careful to avoid publicly punishing or embarrassing your ex. You will need support at this difficult time, so it’s important to decide who you are going to tell and how much information you’re going to share. Be careful what you share so that you don’t undermine your case. If you need advice on the best way to handle this aspect of your divorce, then contact the Dorris Law Group in Tucson to speak with one of our family law experts.

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3. Use Your Children as Pawns

Most people going through a divorce do not intentionally use their children as pawns, which is why it’s critical to carefully evaluate your own behavior. Using your kids to punish or manipulate your spouse will cause them not only to resent you, but will also negatively impact your relationship with your kids. While it’s normal to feel anger in a divorce, it’s important to separate your feelings for your ex from your interactions with your children. Remember, your children are half of each of you, and when you insult their other parent, you’re insulting a part of them.

4. Behave Badly

It’s completely normal to feel a wide range of negative emotions during a divorce. You want to be careful, however, not to say, do, post, or tweet anything that can come back to bite you. Find a positive outlet for your negative emotions — do not take them out on your children, pets, or property. Don’t self-medicate with alcohol or drugs. Don’t get into fights with your ex on social media. No matter how good some of these things might feel in the short-term, it’s important to remember that they could be used against you in the divorce proceedings or even put you in jail.

5. Jump Into Another Relationship

The emotional upheaval caused by a divorce creates a lot of turmoil that is not good for starting a new relationship. Not only could your new relationship cause complications in your divorce proceedings, but it could also cause further emotional disruption to your life. The best thing to do for yourself during this time is to avoid any romantic relationships.

6. Take Divorce Advice From Family and Friends

Every divorce is different as the circumstances and facts are unique to each situation. While your friends and family may want to be helpful, it’s important to remember that they are not lawyers and what they experienced may not apply to your situation. In fact, divorce laws vary from state to state, so it’s especially important to get solid legal counsel from family law experts. At Dorris Law Group in Tucson, we are experts in family law, and can provide you with the legal counsel you need.

Divorce is not the most comfortable process, but it can be easier when you have help from the family law advocates at Dorris Law Group in Tucson. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.