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When it comes to the incredibly serious issue of spousal abuse and the associated complications, it’s imperative to know the laws surrounding it. It’s also important to understand the many forms spousal and domestic abuse can take — physical, emotional, and otherwise. As a trusted, experienced domestic violence and divorce firm in Tucson, John Dorris and his team can assist you with the ins and outs of cases involving spousal abuse. Read on to learn about the definitions of spousal abuse under Arizona law, the protections offered to victims, and more. You can also visit our website to contact us if you have been the victim of spousal abuse.

Spousal Abuse Definitions in Arizona

Spousal abuse can take many different shapes, and is not limited to physical abuse. Under Arizona law, spousal abuse can be categorized as physical, emotional, sexual, or financial abuse. This encompasses a wide variety of behaviors, including but not limited to the following:

  • Physical assault in any form
  • Sexual assault or harassment
  • Threatening speech or actions
  • Endangerment
  • Stalking
  • Trespassing

Additionally, this abuse does not necessarily have to occur in person. Threats or other abuse conducted over the internet, in writing, via text, or over the telephone can still be considered instances of spousal abuse.

If you feel you have become a victim of spousal abuse in any way, you should not hesitate to reach out for help, either by calling a qualified attorney or the police if you fear for your safety.

Victim Protections

Arizona offers a variety of protections to victims of spousal or domestic abuse, such as the Arizona Address Confidentiality Program (ACP). The ACP helps victims of spousal abuse or crimes such as stalking by keeping their address private from public records. Participants are able to use a substitute mailing address, allowing them the peace of mind to know they won’t be found by their abuser in this way.

Victims are also able to get protections in other ways, such as protective order forms to prevent contact between the two parties, or lawsuits for compensation for medical bills or other losses. 

Spousal Abuse and Divorce

If you’ve become the victim of domestic abuse, it is important to be aware of how it affects the process of divorce and, if there is a child involved, child custody. Domestic violence is a very important consideration in divorce proceedings in Arizona, and incidents are classified in court as “significant” or “non-significant”. Incidents of abuse that are classified as significant generally result in sole custody falling to the survivor of domestic abuse rather than to the abuser. If you were subject to abuse and have questions about child custody in a resulting divorce, contact us to see how we can help.

Spousal Abuse Attorney in Tucson

The fallout from spousal abuse can be an extremely emotionally taxing time, but you don’t have to go through it alone. The laws surrounding this situation can be difficult to understand, so having a reliable attorney on your side can be a welcome comfort in a trying time. The Dorris Law Group in Tucson has the experience and understanding to assist you and provide representation in your time of need. Contact us at 520-622-4866 and let us help.