Benefits of Divorce Mediation in Arizona dorris law group tucson

Getting a divorce is never a preferred way to end a marriage. Yet, statistically, about one in two marriages end in divorce. If there is a way to make the entire divorce process easier in all aspects, from emotional to legal, it should be implemented. Mediation is one of those ways that can help you through your divorce as quickly as possible.

Dorris Law Group is a divorce and family law firm in Tucson, Arizona. We specialize in helping those who need representation for any divorce matters, such as child support, separation, child custody, grandparents’ rights, domestic violence, annulment, mediation, and so much more. Our compassionate team helps you achieve the most favorable outcome possible. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of divorce mediation in Arizona. Contact our divorce attorneys today!


Saves You Money

Divorce mediation is the process where a third-party, neutral mediator agrees to iron out the details of a divorce between two parties in an amicable, friendly way. In this way the couple can come to an agreement on the divorce terms. This process is almost always cheaper than a traditional divorce. The attorney fees are considerably less since less time is spent in mediation rather than in litigation.

Is Most Often Faster

When the courts are involved, you have to wait on when the courts have time to hear your case and resolve it. This could be months or even years if you have to go to court multiple times. With mediation, you could potentially have all of the details ironed out in one session, making your divorce lightning fast.

Is Better for the Children

Mediation allows for very specific directives to be in place for the children. Each parent can bring up their concerns and then iron out the solutions in the best interest of the children. Co-parenting amicably is most often the case with mediation. Litigation often brings out the worst in people, resulting in harsh words and positions between both parties.

Is Easier Emotionally

Mediation lends to open discussions between both parties, and it’s easier to negotiate terms. When there are two divorce lawyers involved, each representing their own party, there can be harsh words exchanged and confrontations that would normally not take place. This can negatively impact your children if you are emotionally charged and stressed. Plus, no one likes to have unresolved issues or uncertainty hanging over their heads. Mediation makes the entire divorce process easier to bear.

Ends in A More Satisfied Result

Both parties tend to be more satisfied with the divorce outcome when mediation is used. More of what they want is achieved, there are less harsh feelings so there can be a working relationship afterward, which is super important if kids are involved, and the ability to move on and the healing process is hastened.


Mediation is a great way to achieve your divorce wishes. It works best when both parties can be civil to one another. Our divorce attorneys are more than happy to represent you at your mediation session. We can ensure you are getting the most favorable terms possible and step in with legal advice when needed. We also offer traditional divorce and family law representation and needs, such as with child custody, child support, alimony, annulment, and more. Our mission is to help you through this difficult process by taking the burden of the legal process off your shoulders, so you can focus more on healing and less on logistics.

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