Provided Tremendous Value

I have worked with John Dorris on a variety of transactions over the years — ranging from the routine to the complex. In every case, John provided tremendous value. In addition to being one of the most skilled lawyers in the state, John truly cares about his clients’ long-term success. In many cases, this involves John challenging assumptions and making certain that a deal is structured appropriately.

John brings the type of expertise that you would expect of a large firm with the customer service and billing rate of a small firm. He has been a part of highly complex transactions in New York and was a very successful partner at a large regional firm. I am pleased that he has formed a smaller partnership because I now have access to the same expert advice without the complications of a large-firm environment.

As many of us have learned over time, expert legal advice is critical to properly structuring transactions and managing risk. With Dorris Law Firm, you have a unique opportunity for the best of both worlds — large-firm skill in a small-firm environment. Having worked with a variety of firms across the country, my experience with John stands apart. I would welcome your call in providing specifics that support my enthusiastic reference for Dorris Law Firm.

Phil Lamb, Infinity Software Solutions, Inc.