1. Is My Marriage Eligible for Annulment?

    Unless you’re an attorney who’s well-versed in your state’s statutes and case law, the legal matters of annulment and divorce can be complicated to say the least. The professional and compassionate attorneys at Dorris Law Group stand ready to answer any questions you have with regard to annulm…Read More

  2. Considerations for appointing an executor

    On behalf of John Dorris of Dorris Law Group posted in Estate Planning on Friday, September 25, 2015. Arizona residents who are preparing a will or who have been appointed executor for the will of another individual may wonder what is involved in being an executor. They may not realize that an execu…Read More

  3. Having a baby before marriage may not lead to divorce

    On behalf of John Dorris of Dorris Law Group posted in Divorce on Tuesday, September 22, 2015. Arizona couples who have a baby before they get married may be happy to learn their chances of staying together after marriage are the same as couples who have their first child after saying their wedding …Read More