how covid-19 affecting divorces in arizona dorris law group tucson

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in everyone’s plans, including those who are undergoing or have completed divorce proceedings. Now, there are even MORE questions you may have about how COVID-19 is affecting your divorce.

Dorris Law Group is a Tucson-based divorce and family law firm that offers a wealth of experience and knowledge. Our law team has helped many people going through the difficult decision and legal proceedings of a divorce. Since COVID-19, there have been many questions arise regarding your divorce proceedings and settlement, especially with regards to co-parenting. Below, we’ll take a look at a few of these issues. Contact our divorce attorney for a free, no-obligation consultation today!


The Terms of Your Divorce Have Not Changed

Every aspect of your divorce has not changed because of COVID-19. COVID-19 is a virus; it’s not a way of life.

  • If you’ve lost your job because of COVID-19, you are still responsible for child support. Not paying is not a good idea since unpaid child support in the state of Arizona accrues interest at 10%, and even if you declare bankruptcy, you still owe child support. Having a baby is a life-long commitment as long as you are still breathing. You will always be a parent. COVID-19 isn’t that powerful. Dorris Law Group offers modification services should you choose to modify your child support agreement during these troubling times.
  • You cannot amend visitation because you believe your spouse to not be taking COVID-19 seriously. You can’t use COVID-19 to argue that your child is in harm’s way. Let’s face it, your child is not being beaten.
  • You still need to honor parenting time. Many parents are using COVID-19 to claim that they can’t get their child to the other parent. Since COVID-19 happened during spring break, many parents took advantage of that and kept the kids for longer than was agreed upon. Unfortunately, COVID-19 provisions aren’t in existence, so there is no precedence. However, if a modification is pursued, your behavior will be taken into account and can work adversely against you.
  • More divorces may occur. Due to the fact everyone was and is forced to spend more time with each other, Dorris Law Group does expect to see a rise in the number of divorce filings. This is perhaps the saddest outcome of this pandemic.

Communication is Key

As always, if you are having problems with your ex-spouse over anything in the divorce decree during COVID-19, communication is the key. Talk to the other person about your safety concerns, your financial concerns, and more in order to work out a temporary agreement between the two of you. This can entail child care as well since the kids aren’t in school. It’s much better to agree than end up footing a bill for a top-notch divorce attorney in Tucson, such as Dorris Law Group, to negotiate for you.


If you do need help navigating COVID-19 and your divorce settlement, give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to offer advice, guidance, and legal modifications as need be.